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Bears are valuable objects of hunting

Himalaya bear and Amur brown bear are valuable objects of hunting. Bear’s gall bladder is used in Chinese medicine and bear’s meat, fat (melted), paws are used in cookery.

Bear bile is produced by bear’s liver, being the largest digestive gland. It was proved that the value of bile is in ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), which is found in human bile and within time loses its characteristics due to aging and diseases. In order to be healthy a man should take bile. Bear bile is widely used in medicine due to a great amount of active substances, because a bear is a carnivorous animal and eats food rich in useful elements.

A Himalaya bear lives semi-tree life – on trees it gets forage and saves itself from enemies and blood-sucking insects. Forage of a Himalaya bear consists of 85% of plant origin: Manchurian walnut, pine nut, hazel-nut, different fruits and berries, grass and plants shoots, juicy bulbs and rhizomes. Bears get protein eating ants and other insects, mollusks and frogs .They like honey very much.

Demand for bear bile at foreign markets has been growing for centuries; the same is with the price on it. Price for one gall bladder of a brown bear imported from North America to the market of Hong Kong is estimated at 3000 dollars. Bear bile is valued by minorities of Western Siberia and the Far East. At the end of the last century price per one dried bear gall bladder was estimated at two oxen and was the most valuable product of bear trade. (Cherkasov, 1962)

At present dry bear bile in dried crystal form is estimated at 500 rubles per 1 gram in Moscow.

Bear bile as medicine

Today bear bile is the best medicine among similar medical drugs. It is used for curing such diseases as: oncological diseases, gastritis, ulcer, arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, rheumatism, arthropathy, jaundice, pancreatitis, impotence and prostatitis, diabetes, radiation sickness, liver diseases(including cirrhosis), kidney diseases, malignant abscesses and sores, dysentery, eye inflammations, diseases of the ear, nose, and throat, hypertension, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, plantar warts, myalgia, hepatitis A ,B, C, mucoviscidosis, fatty hepatosis, intrahepatic cholestasis.

Bile, being folk medicine, increases immunity, is used as a preventive and is recommended for maintaining vitality, recovering from serious infectious diseases, traumas, heavy burns.

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Five Reasons for Participating in Hunting

  1. Bears eat forage consisting of 85% of plant origin – Manchurian walnut, pine nut, hazel-nut, different fruits and berries, grass and plants shoots, juicy bulbs and rhizomes. Bears get protein eating ants and other insects, mollusks, frogs as well as the meat of wildlife animals containing greater amount of protein and vitamin C rather than the meat of domestic animals. They like honey very much. So bile of bears is the most valuable medicine. Accordingly, a hunter gets from Ussuri brown bears not only trophies like bear skin and bear scull, but also bear bile, uniqueness of which has been proved by scientists. Bear fat is also at the hunter’s disposal. Fat (melted) is considered to be very effective in folk medicine from early times in Siberia, Far East, Tibet, etc. Bear fat is used in curing such diseases as lung diseases, upper respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, different skin diseases, wounds and burns. It is also used as tonic. So hunters store fat for their needs. Sometimes it is used for cooking food.
  2. Our team has much experience in carrying out hunting for more than 20 years.
  3. Our guides are very professional hunters.
  4. Beautiful and unique nature with species of endemics which have overlived Ice Age: trees – yew tree; shrubs and herbs – tree fern; aralia manshurica; the famous root of life – panax ginseng; flower – Komarov lotus, and the most beautiful animals in the world – tiger and sika deer.
  5. One can hunt Ussuri brown bears only with us.