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Bear hunting

Trophy bear hunting in the Khabarovsk Territory

Short description and hunting season:

  1. “Baiting” (Forage) hunting. It is arranged from “labaz”, the tree stand on the stem of the tree. Hunting season: April, 20 – June, 10; August, 1 – October, 20.
  2. Hunting “on bird-cherry tree Maaka”. Hunting is arranged by “tropleniye”: a hunter hides among trees of bird-cherry Maaka (favorite food of Himalaya bear). Hunting season: August, 1 – August, 15.
  3. Hunting “on den”. It is carried out on the den, where a bear goes into hibernation. The den is thoroughly checked by hunters before hunting. Hunting season: March, 21 – April, 05; till November, 30.
Duration of hunting 10-12 days
Cost of a hunting tour Cost of hunting + cost of a trophy
Cost of a bear as a trophy – On baiting and on bird-cherry tree,
– On the den .
Number of hunters: 1 hunter

Final cost of a hunting tour depends on the number of hunters and the number of trophies, terms of transfer to the place of hunting, etc. All terms should be agreed.


Winter cabins with oven heating. During far remote hunting in winter-autumn period hunters are accommodated in the field camps (tents, self-inflating camping mats, sleeping bags by Alexica).

Cost includes:
  • meeting/departure in the airport, transfer from the airport of Khabarovsk to the place of destination and back, movement within game husbandry by Japanese off-roaders and Canadian snowmobiles;
  • accommodation at hunting bases and in the field camps;
  • three meals a day;
  • preparation of documents for hunting;
  • preparation of a veterinary certificate (if necessary);
  • guide-huntsmen escort;
  • photo materials, measurement and weighing trophy for its evaluation;
  • prime treatment of a trophy (skinning, salting, packing);
  • transportation to the airport.

Standard program of a hunting tour

  • 1 day: Arrival to the airport of Khabarovsk, breakfast at the café, acquaintance, transfer to the game husbandry (4-5 hours);
  • 2-4 (5) day: Hunting on the hunting area, in case of necessity – transportation is by off-roaders or snowmobiles;
  • 7-(8) day:  Return to Khabarovsk, supper at the restaurant, night at the hotel;
  • 8(9) day: transfer to the airport, departure.

Cost does not include:

  • cost of air flight (including helicopter) to the remote hunting areas (wish of a client is taken into consideration);
  • preparation of CITES permit;
  • medical insurance;
  • cost of telephone calls via satellite phones;
  • luggage overweight;
  • extra trophies and services;
  • extra excursion tours;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • tips;
  • translator’s support (for foreign tourists);
  • stay at a hotel in Khabarovsk;
  • meal at restaurants and cafes.

Hunting arrangement takes a great deal of preparation, so reserve trophy bear hunting in advance.

For tour reservation send your application to e-mail info@hunt-blackbear.ru or fill in and send an application form from our site and make prepayment of 50% of the tour cost.

Telephones for reserving trophy hunting: +7 (909)876-72-00, +7(909)872-35-75


Note: Cost of a hunting tour is calculated per one trophy and per one hunter.

  1. Tour reservation demands 50% prepayment of the tour cost sent to the account. The remaining sum of 50% is paid in cash before hunting starts.
  2. Wounded and not found bear – 100% payment of the tour.
  3. The cost of a trophy is returned in case if a bear was absent at the line of shooting.
  4. If a tour consists of more than 2 people, it involves an increase of a tour cost accordingly.
  5. It takes 3 days to prepare a veterinary certificate.
  6. Those participating in hunting should provide themselves with hunting equipment: clothes, boots, rifles and bullets at their own expense.
  7. Take use of the sites www.sirena.khv.ru , www.airkhv.ru to get information about flights.